Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Long awaited update!

Ok, Ok, I know this post is WAY past due.  I can't believe how fast time is flying by - it's crazy!  I always wait, because it seems like we are waiting for one more answer or one more test to come back, but here is the scoop:
Mom:  Mom's doctors were so thrilled with the care she has been given - because she is doing better now than she was last year.  So now they have said that it could be another 2-3 years that she could be with us.  Mom had decided that she didn't want to live that long if it meant behaving (or living on a schedule and following food rules).  So she decided she wanted to take charge of her own schedule and eating again.  So this meant all we have to do is make sure she doesn't live alone, manage her medications, and take her to her appointments.  That being said, it is hard to watch her deteriorate as she makes her own living choices now, but nice to not have that fight anymore.  It has been quite cramped having 5 children in one bedroom, to accommodate Mom having her own room, so we decided that it would be better for everyone if Mom moved in with Tanya or Cheri.  In the meantime, Cheri's daughter and granddaughter moved up to Oregon, leaving her house empty.  Her house is a three bedroom, one story house - and Cheri, like Mom, is more of a night owl.  Also, with not having children at home, Cheri doesn't have to listen in her sleep for the pitter patter of little feet, allowing Mom the freedom to roam at night as she pleases.  And now that Cheri doesn't have to do anything, except give Mom her meds - it isn't too much for her to take on.  So a few months ago, Mom moved to Cheri's house in Citrus Heights.   Also, Mom had another chemo treatment - this time a double.  It was very successful, and the cancer is being destroyed.  Unfortunately, once you are kicked off the transplant list - you can never get back on again.  We knew that it wasn't the tumors that would kill Mom, but the liver disease - so the diagnosis remains terminal.  Mom has good days and bad days, but looks forward to my brother's wedding in August.
Lucy: Lucy's last MRI looked great!  The tumors that are active are remaining relatively the same size - so we don't have to do anything at this point.  She still has to wear her brace on her leg (which she doesn't like at all), but we let her leave it off at home and for church.
Emmie:  Emmie was diagnosed with yet another illness - which is terrible for her.  It is Erythromelalgia.  It causes her hands and feet to go from numb to burning like they are on fire.  It is very painful for her, and they are waiting insurance approval to do some further tests, to find out if it is primary or secondary.  Primary means it is its own illness - and secondary means it is a symptom of something else going on.
Everyone else is doing the same. :-)  Well, Debbie has been a crazy person - dieting and doing Insanity (the crazy workout advertised on TV) - and has lost 30 lbs!  YAY!  She is almost back to pre-wedding weight, and getting toned.  That is exciting! :-)
I think that covers everything physical that everyone asks about.  As always, thank you for your love, friendship and prayers! 

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